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Ruhr Area

"Deep in the west, where the sun is gathering dust, it's better, much better than you think."

Local hero Herbert Grönemeyer already knew of the potential the Ruhr Area would develop in the future, when he sang about his home region in the 80s.

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Ruhr Area

Ruhr Area with its interconnected 53 cities once was the industrial power centre of Germany, which many impressive monuments like UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein, Landschaftspark Duisburg or Gasometer Oberhausen still bear witness of.

Today - also thanks to the title European Capital of Culture in 2010 - Ruhr Area has turned into a region rich in ideas, that constantly reinvents itself with a vast amount of creative hotspots. A metropolis that is also home to world-famous football rivals Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04.

The people still define themselves semi-ironically as strictly down-to-earth, enchanting you with their working class humour ("Elsewhere sucks too"). The region has a lot of exciting spots to discover. Surprisingly green, today you find lakes here where steel mills were standing 20 years ago (Phoenixsee, Dortmund) and landfill from coking plants form the Alps of the Ruhr. You have the gastronomic centres Rü in Essen and Bermuda Triangle in Bochum.

You have internationally acclaimed art festivals that bring to life impressive former industrial halls (Ruhrtriennale). If you see the Ruhr Area as a polycentric metropolis you'll experience a cultural density that can rival Berlin.

31. December 2020

ettics x Füllbar

Ettics x Füllbar is a store for eco fashion, green lifestyle and unpackaged products. The young ettics family has recently opened a second store in Dortmund’s […]

Kaiserstr. 52
44135 Dortmund

31. December 2020

Spaten Garten Freischütz

Freischütz is a traditional excursion restaurant in the forest. As early as the 19th century, carters from the neighbouring mines used the forester’s lodge to water […]

Hörder Str. 131
58239 Schwerte

31. December 2020

Elbers 800° Grill

Hagen is a hilly town south of the Ruhr Area with some architectural surprises. Only 5 minutes from the centre you will find the Elbers halls, […]

Frankfurter Str. 24
58095 Hagen

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Ruhr Area

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